Johnson City Piano Lessons – Located in Johnson City, TN, on N. Roan Street, I have been teaching piano lessons for over 20 years to students from ages five up into their 90s.  Learning to play the piano is something that anyone can do no matter how young or old. Piano Lessons can be a long term study of music and your ability to interact, create and grow musically.

My Preivous Studio before moving to Johnson City TN - Piano Lessons Studio

Piano, and guitar in music studio

Piano instruction doesn’t have to be limited for the very young. Over the years I’ve had beginner and even more advanced students of any and all age groups and personalities. Those that do best at the piano and studying music are those that can commit to regular practice. The most successful students connect to music in a different way. For some, it takes time to find the right area to spark this passion. But once, it’s found they grow and flourish by leaps and bounds.

Piano lessons can also be of benefit to all ages.  There are studies that prove the positive effects of music and learning a musical instrument on the brain.  Proficiency at the keyboard is an essential skill for those studying music in college and each instrument learned makes learning another instrument that much easier.  In fact, given the range of the piano it’s a must learn instrument for anyone that is interested in writing music.

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I have taught a number of styles over the years and worked with students with quite a range of personalities as well.  Beginners age 5 and up.  More advanced students are welcome as well.  Book your first piano lesson in the Johnson City area today!

If you are interested in scheduling or have any questions please make use of the Contact Page or just call at 423-888-0253.