There are a number of questions that come up commonly when people consider piano or other music lessons.  As they come up I will add them here.

How much do lessons cost?

My rate is $40 for hour long lessons and $20 for half hour lessons.

Where are the lessons?

The lessons will be located in my home studio.  Onsite lessons may be available on a case by case basis at a different rate.

How much should I practice?

The more the better!  It depends on the level that you’re at, early beginners 15-20 minutes a day can be a good foundation, but as you develop and grow into new pieces a half hour is good.  Intermediate and advanced students will benefit from a couple hours practice daily.

Do I need my own instrument?

Yes!  Preferably a nice acoustic piano.  At the very least a good digital piano.  An electronic keyboard might be fun to play with, but will quickly frustrate a new student switching between the electronic keyboard and an acoustic piano.  The main differences are that acoustic pianos have weighted keys and they play louder with more force on the keys/softer with less force.  Digital and acoustic pianos will do that.  A few electronic keyboards do that although they usually are quite a step down from an acoustic piano.

Here are a few video clips that I recorded to address the differences between electronic keyboards/digital pianos and acoustic pianos.